For this years remembrance of animals in laboratories, rather than the traditional march, all actions will be organized by and for local groups or grassroots campaigns.

There will be a diverse range of activities challenging vivisection in as many ways as possible.

These will include demonstrations, street stalls, film showings, solidarity for activists either in prison, facing or recovering from repression.

Publicizing your eventsPlease email your actions and events and we will publicize them. Email them to:

Send us your reports afterwards and we can put them on the website so everyone can be inspired by your amazing events.

Our commitment to anti-oppression

This decentralized week of action has been organized with a commitment to eradicating all forms of oppression. See our anti-oppression statement here.

For more information about the reality of vivisection today, see the information and resources page here.

Here are some examples of the studies on the Top 10 List:

Female rats might enjoy vaginal stimulation (Dartmouth);
Baby chimpanzees need nurturing (Emory University/Yerkes National Primate Center);
Trapped rats freak out (San Diego State U., Colorado State U., U. of Arizona);
Lizards forced to fight get stressed and then decapitated (Harvard and Univ. of South Dakota);
Castrated monkeys are less dominant (NIH’s internal intramural labs in Bethesda, Maryland).
Why do experiments like these still exist at the expense of innovative scientific methods? Because the status quo will not change until we change it – and many educators, legislators, and activists will have to rally their forces before the archaic, bureaucratic machinery of vivisection gives way to the science of the future.

Please, make a commitment today to take one action for animals in laboratories during the week of WWAIL. Here are just a few ways to participate:

Organize an event in your area, such as a demonstration or educational table. Click here to read about the many different ways that you can get involved in 2010. Email us at to let us know if you will be planning an event, if you would like us to find examples of absurd experiments at a research institution near you, or if you just need more information.
Send a letter to the editor or your local newspaper. Click here for sample letters and guidelines.
Write to President Obama and urge him to stand by his promise to end wasteful government programs. Contact the Office of Public Liaison (“the front door to the White House through which everyone can participate and inform the work of the President”).
Visit our online action page to lend your voice to our various vivisection campaigns.
Your actions are urgently needed to help end the suffering of animals in laboratories. There’s never been a better time to advocate for change.